About us

Who are we?

Company founded in 1999 _ 23 years effort – high quality, convenient price, short time. We offer wide range of services in the sphere of awning systems. Done-undone and stabile tents, marquees, summer-winter cafes, marquees, parasols and etc. The more important on such choice is quality and independent decision. Both window tents and tens for terraces and any other types of tents are differed according to their sunshine, wind and rain resistance not losing their exploitation ability. İt is easy to express quality in words, it is only possible to see and feel it, mostly after some years. Namely at that time value of our tents turns a limelight. Out high quality technologies are not only to defend from sunshine and rain but they are also a beautiful design of your houses, windows, terraces, restaurants and cafes. We offer a wide range of cloth for out tents. We have a rich color gamut able to meet our stern customers’ desires. Our customers are luxurious and all required restaurants, open summer cafes, villas, as well as natural persons. Advertisements printed on the tents of restaurants and stores make them to be turned a lovely place of Baku citizens and our capital guests.


Various types of devices for protection from Sun, Rain and Wind



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