Veranda systems

Veranda systems are the most modern method of establishing aesthetic and functional balcony in your home. It’s the best system meeting seasonal changes by reason of the features of glasses that can fold at the same point.

Thanks to this, by keeping open in the favorable weather conditions it’s provided to use the places as not closed ever. And the most important is to protect you from negative impacts of environment – wind, rain, dust, noise etc. Veranda systems join unity and functionality perfectly.

It’s extremely comfortable and durable by submitting range of colors according to your tastes and architectural structure. Color of aluminum extrusion used in the system is the paint of electrostatic powder coating oven, resistance to deformation and durable. All glasses using in the veranda systems are tempered glass and the risk of breakage is minimal level with the maximum sustainability to impact. If required colored glass alternatives are available in the glasses used in the system.

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